Launch Now is passionate and committed to pouring into the next generation. With the help of our donors we provide free mentoring services at every level to reach at-risk adolescents. These at-risk youths are ages 10-17 who are truant, ungovernable, runaway/homeless, victims of domestic violence and abuse.


At-risk youth are hurting and lack positive adult role models. Launch Now recruits caring, positive adult mentors that provide encouragement and guidance for these at-risk youth as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Mentoring is proven to have formidable positive outcomes on youth individually, educationally, and professional situations.

Your gift will help provide mentoring services for a young person to lead a healthy, productive life!
Would you join us in changing a life?
Your gifts make a difference.

At-risk children feel alone in life because they rarely have a reliable family support system to help guide them. Often drugs, violence, and sexual exploitation characterize their lives. Your gift will help at-risk youth receive mentoring services that provide caring relationships and a trusted support system, allowing them to redefine life and live a healthy, productive life.  

Mail Checks to: 2802 State Road 60 East Valrico, FL 33594 
Monthly Support

You are making a difference month after month in the lives of youth.

One Time Giving

You are providing hope and a happier future to youth in need of mentors.

Gift of Honor

Honor those who helped you become the person you are today.

Memorial Gift

Honor someone by giving a gift in their name, remembering their care for youth.  

Legacy Gift

Leave a donation in your will.

Your gift will bring hope to a young person today, as it helps us to recruit and train more mentors and continue the course of empowering our youth!


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