Founder and CEO of Launch Now, Corp, Author of "Unraveled Potential" and the Host of the Now to Next Podcast, Octoryia Robinson serves as a professional trainer; consultant; success coach; instructor; a mentor to business owners, ministers, and leaders; philanthropist and a motivational speaker. She is recognized and loved as an inspirational leader, advisor, and coach for those starting up or starting over in life and/or in business. She is dedicated to serving the best interest of her tribe. Octoryia relentlessly and compassionately pushes herself and challenges those who follow her to live, build, and value themselves both personally and professionally. She is an authentic and genuine dream nurturer to those she serves. She is relatable, engaging, easy to connect with, and truly inspirational.

“Trauma does not define who you are or what you can experience, you do.”

Octoryia has over sixteen combined years of business management/analysis and executive leadership experience as well as a Six Sigma Green Belt certification in process improvement. She is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration; a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing; a Master’s in Christian Leadership. She is a Licensed and Ordained Minister along with holding several business, training and coaching certificates. 

“There is no other side until you decide where you desire to be and start working towards it.”

Octoryia is the mother of five amazing children. Her life is fueled, both personally and professionally, by her relationship with God. Octoryia has a special ability to assist in launching people from their now to their next. With her contagious authenticity and tenacity, she effortlessly gives to all that are in her sphere of influence the gift of increased confidence in their potential.

“Never let the opinion of other people become your standard for living.”



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