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Coaching Packages

Who needs a coach?

A business coach is a professionally trained coach with a background in business-related issues who oversees, assists and guide you in developing, starting, and growing your business. The business coach helps you clarify your business goals and objectives and helps you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise.

A business coach is NOT the expert of your life. The truth is that you are the real expert on your life. What a business coach does is assist you in accessing wisdom for your life/business and then advise you to take the necessary actions to achieve your desired results.

What is the value of a coach?

The value of the coach is immeasurable. It will honestly look and feel different for individuals and businesses based on where you are at and where you are planning to grow. Your business coach meets with you on a regular basis, either in person or over the telephone, to discuss the current and future business and life issues you are facing. This structure keeps you and your business on the track you have set — continuously moving forward toward your goals and objectives.

Every great sports star, business person, and superstar is surrounded by trusted coaches and advisors. Not because they are not talented at what they do, but because they desire to be at the top of their game and raise their performance. Even million and billionaires receive continued value from coaches.


As the world of business gets faster and more competitive, it's difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry and the changing face of technology, innovations in sales, marketing, and management strategies. Having a business coach is no longer a luxury, it's become more of a necessity for serious business owners.

  • obtain a general view of a situation, problem, etc., without allowing details to cloud your analysis (ex. see the wood from the trees.),

  • focus on the value you bring in your unique marketplace,

  • get your business performance up to your optimal potential,

  • see clearly and move forward strategically,

  • listen and give you a sounding board to share new ideas and a safe place to explore all options,

  • by supporting you as a partner, confidant, mentor,

  • make your dreams come true.

A business coach

can help you...

What results do they create?

Based on your commitment and consistency, coaches can guarantee results. You will experience the clarity of what success means to you, and the means to create that success. Your specific goals, objectives, and commitment define what success will look like in results from your coaching relationship.


Growing a successful business towards your defined goals is not always easy. There are ups and downs along the way, but that's ok, as you will always be in safe hands.


Initially, and within the first few months, it will take some work to adjust and get over the initial humps and impact of change. This is normal and expected. We need to first build a firm foundation for your business to which we can then plug in the growth and overarching structure to support the growth goals.

Specifically, we help our clients in the areas of:


  • Problem Solving – personal and organizational transformation is initiated through identifying what needs to be changed. We assist our clients in getting to the root causes of their problems and partner with them to plan for their next level of success.

  • Goal Setting - without a path defined to reach goals we have no way of tracking our success. One of the key areas we help our clients with is articulating their goals not just for their business but also for themselves personally.

  • Leadership - ensuring our clients are creating the right leadership so they can lead their business forward, versus being a traditional directive boss, which creates an 'us and them' ineffective culture.

  • Sales and Marketing - includes advertising through the right channels, especially using emerging technologies and media platforms.

  • Team - we help you create a winning team with the right engagement, as well as culture, across all levels in your business.

  • Systems - creating efficiency through not only the use of technology but also driving standardization across the organization, reducing risk and driving up performance.

  • Accountability - one of the most powerful benefits of business coaching is driving the accountability. It is through this we get the right traction to reach the goals, and trust us, we know all about those excuses that cause us to procrastinate and how to deal with them.

What is the cost?

As a professional, you cannot place a price on the value of your development. Your growth is the edge that is needed to remain competitive and bring continuously relevant products and services. Coaching is a priceless investment that will more than pay for itself in results. Having a qualified business coach on your side is like having a marketing manager, a sales team leader, a trainer, a recruitment specialist, and a corporate consultant fully on board for the price of a secretary.

How do I get started?​

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching session to obtain more details.


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